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What is S.T.E.M.?



The study of the natural world, including physics, chemistry, and biology (just to name a few!)



Any innovation or device created for the purpose of meeting a human desire (ranging from a paper clip to a computer!)



The glue that brings science, math, and technology together towards a workable solution



The ability to analyze, reason, and interpret solutions to problems in a variety of real-world scenarios

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What our customers say

My son was not a big fan of reading. We tried many things, but he always reverted back to the tablet. This changed when we stumbled upon the Missing Moon. Now, he can't stop reading and has truly developed an interest in space. Thank you Clever Champs!

Angela 35


Amazing illustrations, cool personalization features, and fast shipping (10/10)!

John 31

Los Angeles

I am always searching for new ways to get my kids away from the screen. Clever Champs definitely offer a compelling solution. Looking forward to new titles!

Julia 33

New York

I was searching for a birthday gift for my nephew and a good friend recommended Clever Champs. My nephew and his friends loved the personalized book and their reaction was priceless to me as an aunt.

Kim 29


I wish something like this existed when I was a kid

Roger 36