B2B Sales


Here at Clever Champs, we look to customize our products and offerings for any need that our customers may have. This is especially true for larger orders that may be needed for a special occasion or a school event.

If you are a school, an institution, or an individual that requires an order of more than 10 books then please reach out to us at hello@cleverchamps.com. We are happy to discuss how we can customize our books, packaging, and other offerings to your needs.

Since we have a strong team of content creators which includes authors, illustrators, and graphic designers we are also happy to take on projects on your behalf to create unique personalized content.

And if you are not sure about exactly what you want, but want to brainstorm an idea, then please reach out to hello@cleverchamps.comWe are always happy to be a sounding board and be of help.