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At Clever Champs our mission is to create a love for reading through crafted stories that inspire curiosity through personalized STEM education

Flask for CleverChamps personalized book crafting

Our Story

Once upon a time, three friends from different parts of the world (Europe, USA, and Middle East) set on the difficult mission to find the perfect gift for their young nephews and nieces. Over the last decade, the advancements in technology and its ever-increasing accessibility have changed our daily life and specifically the way children are raised. Today, kids are stuck to screens, immersed in technology and appreciating reading physical books, like we did in our childhood, is becoming a lost art.

"How can we ensure that kids today develop a true love and passion for reading?"

Thus our adventure began by launching Clever Champs, our answer to educate and inspire the next generation. Our mission is simple:

  • Craft and customize a story around the child
  • Educate on topics that inspire curiosity
  • Develop a message that drives courage

Whether it be a birthday gift, a Mother's day present, or a school book Clever Champs is here to support you. With your help we hope to make an impact on your children and our collective future.

Our commitment to our communities

CleverChamps is commited to help educate those in need

Educate those in need

At Clever Champs, we believe that education is not a privilege but a right and that education is the biggest equalizer to building a better world.

We are committed to play our part in promoting accessible education to the communities around us: with every purchase, a percentage of our revenues will be granted to our global NGO partners that focus on providing education to those in need.

CleverChamps is commited to protecting the planet

Protect our planet

Part of the education we are preaching tackles climate change and the importance of reducing the carbon footprint. At Clever Champs, we walk the talk and we are committed to achieving a carbon neutral footprint starting with our tree planting initiative.